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新加坡华族戏曲协会 (梨园)


2015年1月16-18 日,举办“花旦必备功法大师班”。

The Chinese Opera and Drama Society, Singapore (CODS), also known as "Liyuan"(another name for opera performing group in ancient China ), founded in 2010 by Madam Huang Ping, the former lecturer in Beijing opera performance of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (China), aims to enhance performance levels of ethnic Chinese opera and expand the popularity of traditional Chinese opera among the youth in Singapore. It also seeks to promote exchange between local and overseas traditional Chinese opera enthusiasts and practitioners. The essential members of CODS are the students of Beijing Opera Class of Potong Pasir Community Club.

Since the Society was founded, it has been supported greatly by Singapore Chinese Opera Museum in many aspects like free venue providing, performing opportunities, etc. CODS has actively participated in the spread and promotion of traditional Chinese opera among schools in Singapore. It has also organised Chinese opera performances, lectures and drama workshops. Through these activities, our members get the effective workout. The following are the main activities held by CODS in recent years:

In 2010, “Zhang Wen Ying Beijing opera Singing Show ”
In 2013(Jan 27) , CODS invited 7 Chinese opera practitioners from China to give performance at “Zhang Wen Ying Beijing Opera Show”
In 2013, CODS participated in a Chinese opera performance segment at the Singapore Chingay Parade(21&22 Feb), and staged performances with Singapore Chinese Opera Museum over Singapore for almost whole year.
In 2014, CODS organized 5 lectures titled of “Meeting with Masters” (from Jan 19-Oct 3)
In 2014, CODS successfully organized the Ist Singapore International Chinese Opera Festival ( 2-6 Oct)
In 2015, CODS invited Madam Zhang Yi Juan, the former principal of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, to hold a masterclass named “The necessary expertise to be a Huadan”.

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